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*Cities of : *Clare & *Harrison *Villages of: *Farwell * Lake George * Leota and surrounding communities in Clare County Michigan

Empowering entrepreneurs and small business for successful growth throughout Clare County Michigan.

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Clare County Business Association

Your Home Town Business Alliance.

Empowering entrepreneurs and small business for successful growth throughout Clare County Michigan.
Be a localist shop locally and help your self and community grow.

Do not be forced to pay a over priced membership fee, when you can join us for free

Every member gets a free listing in our local national web directory under your community and a low cost website that you can build yourself just for your business or a link to your business web site


Reason behind starting our Clare County Business Association alliance, is for the small business owners in Clare County Michigan and from the research that we received from other local business owners that felt  the need for a local free network group.

As a local business owner our self, we understood the frustration that they had.

This is how the Clare County business alliance association was developed, to help small business owners grow and develop in a manner that was affordable to them and their needs.

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